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At the 2016 Irrigation Association’s Annual Meeting and Trade Show, the Hawk-Eye™ System concept was judged to be a Home Run by a panel of irrigation experts.

In 2018 it is introduced to the turf industry.


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Hawk-Eye™ Systems

Using Hawk-Eye & EYAS Remote Sensing Camera Sets

Why it works, How it works, See it at work


Hawk-Eye & EYAS measures the canopy color and temperature.

You see the image data.

Hawk-Eye computes critical indices and reports it to you.


It gives plants a voice you will understand!


Tell it what you want to know. It alerts the critical information to mobile devices when those parameters are met.


Basis for Success:
The agronomic feasibility of measuring a crop’s canopy to determine health and water status is rooted in research and experimentation since Dr. Ray D. Jackson started using thermography in 1981.  Since then, a number or researchers including Karcher , Ben Gal , and Costa have shown its value.


Itri Corporation’s Hawk-Eye™ is the first to put academic studies into an affordable system for operational use.


Hawk-Eye™ and EYAS Systems are built to address your needs to target resources (time and money)

and keep player and spectator experiences at the highest level.


Precision Scouting







Precision Application of Treatments (only treat where needed)

Target Herbicides and Pesticides and Nutrients

Variable Applicate of Fertilization

Variable Applicate of PGRs

Guide Syringing

Guide Organic Material Remediation


Check Drainage and Irrigation Uniformity

Manage Water Quality (know when to flush alkaline water)

Guide Irrigation with Prescriptions, zone-by-zone

Use Deficit Irrigation for Beneficial Stress

Manage Use of Other Tools and Measure Results

Light Augmentation

Manage Hydronics

Fan Placement/Aim, Manage Use

Top Dressing and Aeration

Early ID & Remediation of Winterkill

For Synthetic Turf

Hawk-Eye™'s Heat Exhaustion Caution will alert you when playing conditions are dangerous

Manage Infill

See below the carpet at night to check for wear and tear.

Directed by you, left to operate autonomously, when and where you need it, for real-time imaging, data acquisition, and alerting.


Return on Your Investment

All Hawk-Eye™ Systems Come With Installation and Training Support:

Operator and maintenance training on delivery.
Routine tech support by phone and on-site support if needed.
Refresher and new operator training.

These Divisions of ItriCorp use Hawk-Eye™ and EYAS Imaging Systems.

Crop-Vu Turf-Vu®

If Galileo Galilee were alive today, He would give the design and deployment of the Hawk-Eye™ Remote Sensing Systems two thumbs up.

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Costa, J. Miguel, Grant, Olga M., M. Chaves, Manuela, Thermography to explore plant–environment interactions, equation (5), Journal of Experimental Botany, Volume 64, Issue 13, 1 October 2013, Pages 3937–3949


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