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Hawk-Eye™ & EYAS Remote Sensing Systems

Hawk-Eye measures the canopy color, uniformity,and temperature.

You see the image data.

Hawk-Eye computes critical indices and reports.


These video briefs summarize why & how we autonomously, persistently, and remotely measure plant health and water status.

Although this series of episodes demonstrates on turfgrass, it is applicable to all C-3 and C-4 plants.


Basics of Color and Temperature Imaging Data

Chapter 1, Measuring Turf Grass Canopy Color and Temperature

Chapter 2, Why Persistent Measurements

Chapter 3.1, Measuring Canopy Temperature to ID Health and Water Status

Chapter 3.2, Observing and Measuring Canopy Color to ID Quality and Health


Using the Hawk-Eye™ or EYAS

Chapter 4.1, Hawk-Eye™ & EYAS Home Page Orientation

Chapter 4,2, Setting-Up Measurements

Chapter 4.2.a, Dissecting Color Image Data

Chapter 4.2.b, Dissecting Color Image Data

Chapter 4.3, Dissecting Color Image Data


Use Cases

Chapter 5.a, Using Fans to Reduce Turfgrass Heat Stress


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