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September 2016 - ItriCorp develops and puts into operation the Irrigation Index.

December 2015 - ItriCorp moves headquarters location to Haymarket VA, and establishes the Plant Thermography Research Center.

August 2015 - ItriCorp's METOC UAS sensors are being used by NOAA to collect meteorological data.

September 2014 - ItriCorp's METOC UAS sensors fly on Coyote tube launched UAS deployed from a NOAA P-3 into an Atlantic hurricane. NOAA plans to use the system to collect the data they need to improve hurricane track and intensity forcasts.

July 2014 - The automated and autonomous pan/tilt Hawk-Eye varient is deployed operationaly in a California vineyard and on a golf course in Georgia. Installed in the vineyard system is an ItriCorp stress index algorithm that is in beta testing as an irrigation trigger tool.

November 2013 - Itri Corporation develops an automated and autonomous pan/tilt Hawk-Eye varient.

August 2013 - Itri Corporation ties EFAS to a ship routing algorithm for use by the US Navy to plan and route ship voyages for fuel efficiency based on weather and sea conditions. This hybrid system, also known as the Smart Voyage Planning Decision Aid, is used by the Navy during a fleet exercise and is scheduled to be implemented into the Navy ship routing support architecure.

April 2013 - Itri Corporation completes development of a METOC sensor for use in small tube launched unmanned aerial system. The sensor is a small lightweight component that operates as a low bandwidth ancillary payload.

March 2012 - Itri Corporation and the Naval Research Lab (NRL) execute a Non-Standard Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).  The CRADA allows ItriCorp and NRL Monterey scientists to continue collaboration in our efforts to regularly upgrade and enhance the Ensemble Forecast Application System (EFAS).

January 2012 - Itri Corporation installs the first autonomous version of our Hawk-Eye System. The 24/7 imager of agricultural crop and turf-grass canopies is used for plant health surveillance and stress identification and mapping.

December 2011 - Itri Corporation completes successful flight testing of 'Prototype METOC UAS' under development for Naval Air Warfare Center.

July 2011 - Itri Corporation is supporting Harmonia Holdings Group in a project to provide the US Navy a Net-Centric & Geospatial Enablement of Naval METOC Products, Services and Applications.

January 2011 - Agrarius LLC is merged into Itri Corporation.

2010 - Itri Corporation forms a strategic partnership with IntraMedia to improve our IT offerings.

August 2010 - Itri Corporation launches their newly designed website version 2.0.

June 2009 - Itri Corporation is a featured participant in ONR's Virtual Acquisition Showcase. ItriCorp describes recent R&D concerning using of meteorological and ocean wave forecast ensembles into deterministic applications.

February 2009 - Itri Corporation becomes a member of SAIC's highly qualified team that will be addressing the provision of professional support services to the Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC).

November 2008 - Itri Corporation is selected to perform on a Phase I SBIR (Next-Generation Marine Atmosphere Observing Instrumentation) from the Office of Naval Research. In the Phase I work, Defense Technologies Inc. will support us.

March 2008 - Itri Corporation is awarded phase II STTR from the Office of Naval Research. Itri Corporation will work closely with the Naval Research Lab, Monterey, CA, to transition an operational technique for simplifying the information contained in meteorological ensembles and then disseminating the information to operational forecasters in easy to use views of the information.

February 2008- Itri Corporation is contracted with Booz Allen Hamilton to support the US Navy through their Seaport-e contract vehicle.

September 2007 - Itri Corporation is sub-contractor to 3001 Inc. for Hawk-Eye technology that will be used by the Army Corps of Engineers in characterizing the coastal zone environment.

April 2007- Itri Corporation supports NOAA/NESDIS, Office of Systems Development (OSD) in requirements development and analysis tasks.

July 2006 - Itri Corporation establishes a Strategic Partnership with agrarius LLC. ItriCorp is developing and implementing Hawk-Eye technology refreshes and contributing significantly to operational techniques.

June 2006 - Itri Corporation is is tasked by NOAA/NESDIS, Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution (OSDPD) to develop new processes and techniques for detecting and reporting volcanic eruptions and resulting ash clouds.

March 2006 - Itri Corporation as part of a Lockheed Martin Team is scoping the IT architecture needed for the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA).

October 2005 - Itri Corporation as a member of the Lockheed Martin Team is signed up with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) to start the risk reduction phase in building the next generation of geostationary weather satellites (GOES-R) for the USA.

September 2005 - Itri Corporation is elected to full membership in the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners. ESIP press release

July 2005 - Itri Corporation is awarded task to conduct requirements analysis for the North American Ice Service.

May 2005 - Itri Corporation supports agrarius LLC in developing image processing techniques for imagery collected by agrarius LLC's Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicle (RPAV).

January 2005 - Itri Corporation contributes to the formation of agrarius LLC and spins the agrarius Division out of ItriCorp into agrarius LLC. agrarius LLC ( is a California Limited Liability Company that will engage in a product based service to allow an agricultural manager to access data and information about the agricultural environment.

November 2004 - Itri Corporation and Partners start the formation of agrarius LLC, a California Limited Liability Company to engage in a product based service which allows an agricultural manager to access data and information about the agricultural environment pertinent to growing, harvesting, and delivering their agricultural product to market.

June 2004 - Itri Corporation is awarded tasks to support NOAA/NESDIS, Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution (OSDPD).

April 2004 - Itri Corporation signs on to support Lockheed Martin, Space Systems Company.

February 2004 - Itri Corporation completes development of a job-site and resource tracking tool and video, sonar, photo and text capture and geo-temporal spatial tracking tool for JF White Contracting Company.

February 2004 - Itri Corporation enters into Agreement with CalDocs Notary to customize WorkFlow application to suit their business, and to host and maintain the application for them.

November 2003 - Itri Corporation is awarded Purchase Order from Tishman Technologies Corporation for WorkFlow application.

October 2003 - Itri Corporation is awarded an IT Schedule with GSA.

July 2003 - Ambiente della Vigna is deployed and offered for sale.

June 2003 - Itri Corporation, Red Sky Weather, and Klett Consulting Group supports US Navy by developing concepts and plans for using operational UAVs as a meteorology and oceanography data and information collection tool of opportunity.

February 2003 - Itri Corporation implements a new version of Ambiente for The Diving Division of J.F. White Contracting Company. The system, JFW Sewer Information System, will be used as a planning, safety, and operations tracking tool for inspections of the Onion Creek Sewer Tunnel in Austin, TX.

January 2003 - Itri Corporation turns its cyber-access interest over to the the Eagle's Nest.

November 2002 - Itri Corporation supports NOAA/NESDIS in provided advice and information concerning virtual data basing and data warehousing of temporal and spatial data and information.

October 2002 - Itri Corporation teams with GeoData Systems of Fairfax, VA, to bring near real time imagery to Ambiente system.

September 2002 - Itri Corporation and the inventors; Maria Galbraith, Arthur Etro, and James Etro are proud to announce that on 4 September 2002, Itri Corporation filed a Provisional Patent Application covering the "Ambiente" system.

March 2002 - ItriCorp supports the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources in updating the State's Coastal Management Program.

February 2002 - ItriCorp starts development of a software tool for vineyard managers that will assist them in making daily management decisions.

January 2002 - ItriCorp's cyber-access software completes three years of trouble free operations in the Eagles Espresso Bar at Fort Belvior, VA. The Eagles Espresso Bar is one of the only successful cyber cafés in Northern Virginia.

January 1999 - ItriCorp deploys the first version of cyber-access hardware and software in the Eagles Espresso Bar at Fort Belvior, VA, for use by the cafes' patrons.

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